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Diamond & Co. Boutique
Your Everyday Diamond

Diamond & Co

A collection specially designed to seamlessly elevate the daily wear of young generation customers with exceptional premium quality jewelry. Diamond & Co. collection is conceived and created with a passion for offering the most deluxe jewelry in a wide range of styles, gemstones and modest price points to meet our clientele’s tastes and expectations. Bringing to life every woman’s dream of. Unsurpassed elegance with stunning treasures

Diamond & Co. is Millenial
DNC Slogan

Diamond & Co. is Millenial

  • To keep up with the increase in demand for a fashion / casual / ready-towear fine jewelry.

  • To provide the jewelry market with a more friendly price point fine jewelry.

  • To keep up with millennial’s emerging demand for more suitable diamond jewelry designs

  • To provide a more variant options and price points for customers.

  •  Diamond & Co. products are perfect for jewelry enthusiasts, for daily wear, and even as gifts for loved ones.


In PT. Berlian Abadi Korpora, we are committed to offer a high quality jewelry to our customer and become the fastest growing and the most sustainable world class jewelry corporation in Indonesia.


We are dedicated to created high quality products that is innovative, cuttingedge, and trendsetting to our customers. We always strive to be a positive and to provide value-added products and services to our customer.


It is so easy to find Diamond & Co. You can find a store near you and get explored there.

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